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...I really can't say enough good things about his computer and technical skills...

End Quotation Mark-Riordan Consulting

- Doug Schwartz, Schwartz & Cera, PC

Sean has been Seagate Properties’ IT consultant for almost 15 years during which time he has kept our computers and networks secure and up to the latest standards allowing us to focus on our business. He is extremely responsive and he has helped guide us through the ever-changing technology landscape, which has saved us countless dollars and time. I appreciate that he balances our IT needs through the scope of our business needs. I would highly recommend Riordan Consulting’s IT services for any small to mid-sized business in the Bay Area.

- Dennis Fisco, CFO, Seagate Properties, Inc.

Sean Riordan saved my law firm from a disastrous "web crash" and data loss that could have debilitated my business for many months (and could have cost me Mucho, Mucho money). Sean not only recovered all the presumed lost data (and decade’s worth of client information), but also put in place a system that secured my data so that it would never be lost. Sean also linked me to "the cloud", and is very available to help with (and remotely fix) the many stupid computer, network, etc., questions and problems that I have and create for myself. He quickly brought my firm into the 21st-century with my computer network (which I barely understand). In summary, Sean both MADE ME MONEY (with increased streamlining and that profitability) and SAVED ME MONEY (by eliminating my self-imposed computer and network glitches).  In final, final summary:  I am both eternally and monetarily grateful for Sean's expert advice and highly recommend him and his company!!!  FIVE STARS!!!!!!


...and we never had any downtime. He’s a valuable asset for our law firm.

End Quotation Mark-Riordan Consulting

- Carole Scott, Schwartz & Cera, PC

We called Riordan Consulting after experiencing much frustration with our previous IT support. Our network was a mess. Sean came in and cleaned up our network, bringing us back to a state where we could again share files between each other in the office. Last year, he helped migrate us to an online file hosting service allowing us the flexibility to work at the office or from a home-office without any hiccups whatsoever. We work in a fast-paced business and Sean is very responsive to any issues needing an immediate resolution.  He definitely has made our jobs much easier.

- Donna McGinnis, Paralegal, LAW OFFICE OF CRAIG W. MORRISON, P.C.

Sean’s been taking care of our computers and network for at least 5 years. He’s always responsive to our needs and is always willing to help us. Not only has he helped us keep our computers and network connected, he’s helped us move our office twice and seamlessly migrated us from a very outdated email server to a Cloud email provider—and we never had any downtime. He’s a valuable asset for our law firm.

- Carole Scott, Schwartz & Cera, PC

Riordan Consulting has been my IT support for a short time but in that time, his help has been tremendous. I would recommend Riordan Consulting to other small businesses

- Rose-Ellen Fairgrieve, Fairgrieve Law Office

...I trust him to keep my technology world flowing so I am not distracted...

End Quotation Mark-Riordan Consulting

- Raymond D Williamson III, Williamson Insurance Services, Inc.

Even though I work from a home office, I still need my computer, printer, internet and technology systems working so I can help my clients. Sean’s super dependable and always able to work around my busy schedule. I trust him to keep my technology world flowing so I am not distracted by it allowing me to focus on and expand my business.

- Raymond D Williamson III, Williamson Insurance Services, Inc.

Riordan Consulting has helped us out of numerous emergencies. We had to move our store on short notice and he made sure that we didn’t have to worry about anything related to computers and technology during the move. He’s helped us with a couple of QuickBooks issues and even helped save our computers when they got infected by a virus. We recommend Riordan Consulting to any and all small businesses.

- Diane Tribulato, EAS

Sean Riordan of Riordan Consulting has been my law firm's IT support for many years now. I am the head of the firm and, unfortunately, not very technically savvy when it comes to computers, being quite old school. So, whenever something goes wrong, and either my office manager or legal assistant can't fix it, I always turn to Sean. And I am always amazed how quickly he or his team responds, and how quickly the problem is resolved. I really can't say enough good things about his computer and technical skills. And on top of that we find his pricing to be very fair, and he explains things in an easily understandable fashion. Plus, he is very personable and friendly. Finally, he is an ardent Giants fan, which moves him way up the ladder in my book. In short, I would highly recommend anyone hiring him, in a New York minute!

- Doug Schwartz, Schwartz & Cera, PC

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