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End Quotation Mark-Riordan Consulting

- D. Fisco

For over 20 years, Riordan Consulting as been owned and operated by Sean Riordan. He is known for his customer service, problem solving abilities and his outside-the-box solutions.  Sean came into his career in technology after pursuing a Masters in Medieval Studies. “During my Masters studies, I learned a number of ancient, medieval and modern languages and thoroughly enjoyed the research aspect of finding the connection between languages. This experience taught me to be a problem -solver, which I now bring to my work as a IT Consultant.” He spent a couple of years as a software trainer before realizing that as a Network Engineer, he could apply his problem-solving skills acquired in his graduate studies to figuring out computer, network and technology issues. “Whether translating Latin to English or figuring out the “gremlin” that’s messing with a network, it’s all about figuring out where all the Lego pieces go.”


Implementing the right technology for success can be costly but “I enjoy infusing elegant cost saving technology solutions to meet Client’s need”, so that when they go to work each day, turn on their computers or devices, their email and documents are secure and easily accessible and their applications and network/internet access are properly functioning.

When working with small businesses – the budget is a big part of our service offering; it is important to stay within their budget, freeing them to focus on growing their business. Whether its installing or maintaining servers or firewalls, creating better access to network resources, migrating data to a Cloud provider for email and/or document storage, or simply helping Clients understand how to utilize features on their computers, apps or devices, my goal is for technology to aid, not hinder, their business.


Operating my business, I’m led by one mission statement: technology should help you build your business, not hinder it.


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